Our History

Espousing a century-old tradition of excellence inherited from the exemplary of Al Sorayai family of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, SNASCO Real Estate Investment and Development is the product of years of diligent work, dedication and uncompromising professional standards.
The Company’s success story can be traced from the time when Mr. Saleh Nasser Al Sorayai – its founder and Chairman, came back to KSA upon finishing his higher education in the United States. Mr. Saleh, along with his brothers and cousins, played very significant roles in elevating the Al Sorayai Group to greater Heights, spreading its wings over the entire KSA and the rest of the GCC through various companies related to interior design, Carpets
and furniture. The Group is also a stakeholder in several industrial and commercial ventures in the region. SNASCO’S formal launch was long preceded by distinguished real estate & various investments initiated by Mr. Saleh, which have given him extensive knowledge and expertise of the realty industry.