Adeem Capital

Adeem is a Saudi closed joint stock corporation with a paid-up capital of 50,000,000 Saudi Riyals. Established by the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the decree of the Minister of Commerce No. 385Q, on 30/11/1429, CR No. 1010386883. The company established through the cooperation and collaboration of experts in the banking and real estate fields. In 2008, the Capital Market Authority issued the license No. 08111-06 licensing Adeem Capital to engage Dealing as principle, Investment Fund Management, discretionary portfolio management, Arranging, Advisory, and custody of securities based on Islamic Sharia. The company started its activities in the Saudi market on 20/1/2010.What makes Adeem Capital differentiated, Is the approach it follows based on Sharia rules, specialized investment mindset capable of deploying investments in viable Sharia compliant investment channels. Our vision and mission are together to promote the company’s ambitions, with the focus on the values and goals aiming to exceed the expectations of our clients, shareholders, and partners.